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Thu 04 Dec 2014
Ranita real wife in heels Pregnancy
Me and my husband have been trying for a baby for over three years now, We we...
by wright | Reply

Mon 03 Jun 2013
Fri 01 Feb 2013
Ranita can a blue polo and khakis go wi
I hope so. Cause I wear those colors all the time
by Skylar | Reply

Fri 27 Jul 2012
I never saw a dress ugly like this , so disappointed I want a full refund .
by Selly | Reply

Thu 12 Jul 2012
Ranita 50th studio
I recently purchased this dress after finding in a bridal store. The pri...
by ashley | Reply

Mon 09 Jul 2012
Ranita 50studio
  I once ordered a bridesmaid dress from this website and it tur...
by mariannehu | Reply

Sun 08 Jul 2012
I love this dress. I ordered it in white and plan to use it as my wedding d...
by Randy Rupe | Reply

Mon 25 Jun 2012
My daughter weared your dress when she attending her graduation and got many ...
by JENNY | Reply

Fri 15 Jun 2012
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    -> real wife in heels Pregnancy
  • Re: PattyFor the vanilla one its one can of condensed milk diluted in water. I would say to use the can as your measuring cup. How much water you put in it is up to you depending on how thick you like milk to be. Then add vanilla extract to your liking.
    Fri 02 May 2014 06:58:12 PM | by Karin
    -> how to make raspados
  • Our house is red brick with forest green trim.  I want to paint the front door with a color that adds a little pop.  Suggestions??
    Tue 15 Apr 2014 08:57:10 PM | by Lynn
    -> what paint color would comp...
  • pls show me the solution on page 7. #14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 , 20 and 21. pls its  very helfull for me
    Fri 11 Apr 2014 09:42:50 PM | by gilbertmendoza
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  • i'm 17 and 5'9 i think i wont grow anymore, but she is 12 and already 5'6 and still growing by the day
    Sat 04 Jan 2014 02:40:55 AM | by .
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  • What color area rug would go well with my grey walls bright red couch ? Black furniture , ripping up carpet and finishing hard wood , looking at area rugs.
    Sun 21 Jul 2013 03:45:57 PM | by Cat
    -> what color rug matches gray...

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