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Schizophrenia Psychology by
Schizophrenia Psychology by Eye Beauty Review
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Schizophrenia Psychology by Eye Beauty Review
That is really perfect that you share the useful information just about this topic
Schizophrenia Psychology by FRANKIEWalton34
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Schizophrenia Psychology by JessieFROST30
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Schizophrenia Psychology by Paul A
You might want to check out these three websites:………

The first and third have booklets in pdf format that you can download and save for future reference. They are very good and have a lot of information in them.

Good Luck! Paul.
Schizophrenia Psychology by Rebecca W
I fyou refer to your Abnormal psych text you will know that the drawbacks of diagnostic labels is that they often stop professionals from looking further or from questioning the diagnosis. For instance, ADHD and diabetes have many of the same symptoms. You must make sure that you are not blinded to other possible explanations by a "diagnosis".

The factors in schizophenria range from chemical to nuture. Now then go look it up, learn it properly and quit being a lazy gus! Only by doing will you learn, shortcuts like this will keep you from being an effective psychologist and an effective student!
Schizophrenia Psychology by Johnny Decca
Have you tried using revision sites like S'cool, or the website of the exam board setting the exam. I don't know what they're all like, but AQA has loads of really useful stuff you can access to help you get an idea of the sort of answers examiners will be looking for.
I haven't heard of the bio-psycho-social perspective, it sounds like an amalgamation of three of the main perspectives in abnormality?
Good luck!
Schizophrenia Psychology by Elaine S
genetics is a factor in the development of schizophrenia, enviroment is also, prenatal factors also exist (time of year you are born, if your mom gets sick while she is pregnant with you, what you are exposed to during the time of your mom is pregnant with you,), social factors also play a role in the development of shcizophrenia( such as where they were born, what country did they grow up in, what were they exposed to in there neighborhood).
Schizophrenia Psychology by ana m
What are the benefits and drawbacks of using diagnostic labels?

Use the bio-psycho-social perspective to explain the development of depression.

List four specific factors thought to be involved in the development of schizophrenia.
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