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colors that compliment a brown accent wall by
colors that compliment a brown accent wall by justjan
Red for a modern look
Beige for a sedate, formal look
Rusty tones for a warm look
Aqua blue for a cooling look.

Be warned,because I did the same, if you are in low mood that brown can really drive you insane. And use lots of test pots,because they are really hard shades to get right. There's warm brown, cool brown, yellow brown, red brown and blue brown!!!!

Why not compromise, and use the brown for a feature wall and keep the other three fairly neutral? It will certainly make the decorating a lot easier.
colors that compliment a brown accent wall by Jenny K
in my livingroom i have chocolate brown furniture and crimson carpet and drapes.

in my bathroom i have chocolate brown towels and shower curtain with pale blue accents.…
colors that compliment a brown accent wall by :)
I am painting my walls a deep brown color. What would be good colors to use as accents/drapes/bedding around the room?
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I would go for the chocolate that matches your room.If your room is small, I woul
yes but cover entire wall anyway wait 3-7 days between two coats of finish paint
Hard question! Total purple is too dark for a wall... Try with th
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