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funny tasks to make my friends do? by
funny tasks to make my friends do? by mikoy
ask them to get their pictures taken with some type of people... like a punk in a pink shirt, or a virgin-looking guy, or a really ugly guy on a date with a really hot girl (or vice versa)
funny tasks to make my friends do? by wilson50036
Just fart in a styrofoam cup, set it upside down on a table, and tell one of your friends to hold the cup up to his nose... if they don't puke, I'd begin to worry about their sanity level...
funny tasks to make my friends do? by CueKid20
Hi, I am doing a little scavenger hunt with like forty of my friends, and I have a bunch of things to bring back, but what is really funny are the embarassing things to make people do, like "Buy condoms, Whipped Cream and Vaseline all at the same time and bring back the receipt"

Any other ideas? Obviously nothing illegal, or over the top, just funny and embarassing

Oh, also it has to be something you can prove. Like bring back a picture, receipt etc
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Ranita give funny task Jokes and Riddles
LOL! LMAF! OMG! HA HA HA TE HE HE HA HA TE HA HA !!!!!! that was funny
by ,-,e | Reply
Ranita funny impossible task
What you say is impossible. You can't turn fat into muscle.
by Starwarsguy | Reply

Ranita flat tasks funny
nice joke keep it up!!! :)
by kemeagirl | Reply
Ranita funny task to make others to do
There is a saying that says and does make so much sense, and also in a song!
by Maltese Breeder | Reply

Ranita funny impossible tasks
by james.m | Reply
Ranita friends funny tasks
Waow I would hate to be that third guy...
by Jeni R | Reply

Ranita give funny task
She's my mommy. She's beautiful. I like the girl's hair
by ♥ ToxicDream ♥ | Reply
Ranita some funny task
ummmmmmmm pole dancing while doin x-treme sports.
by Ryan | Reply

Ranita funny task for christmas
Bob Rivers, 12 Pains of Christmas
by coldsake | Reply
Ranita What are funny tasks to make my fri..
Make them put crunchy peanut butter between their toes. Or you can make them ...
by | Reply

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Hey go easy on him, if he is a good mate, you do not want to lose, get him t
by L D | Reply
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Impose a picture of you holding an American flag into a picture of a factory ...
by Skywalker | Reply

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after you help/rob the nun, you have to keep going in the storyline. eventual...
by heyy =] | Reply
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as she is your BEST FRIEND,so call her BF.
by your friend | Reply

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ummmmm......... go find a peice of wat ever type of bark????
Yep funny but a bit long
make her pretend to be mexican for 24 hours. Then drive back and forth across the
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