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Slog about funny things to do if you lose a bet   
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funny things to do if you lose a bet by
funny things to do if you lose a bet by abïr-K@rëëna'§ n€w tøy
Most funny thing would be go in a mal or sumthing and tel him that he has to go and buy undergarments of girls, n to be particular size or sumthing which is not easily available and tel him to pretend that he has came alone to buy it and u watch the whole action 4m little distance. . .
I know it would be hilarious
funny things to do if you lose a bet by priya
my bf lost bet and i can make him do anything for day

what should be most funny
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Re: sk8trgalI would suggest trying to find a new guy o
how tall are you? and YOU ARE ONLY 11! just work out and eat right and your body
Re: WTF!!!hahaha i so like wot you do, and especial
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