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guys acrylic nails bet by
guys acrylic nails bet by
you lost a bet dude ... you gotta do it ... I lost a bet once and had to wear a skirt to work ... I work in a retail store a little like Wal-Mart ... we turned it into a charity drive and got customers to donate to a charity for the giggle they got seein' me in a skirt ... ended up being a whole lot of fun .... not that I plan on doing it again any time soon
guys acrylic nails bet by
Hell yeah i would make him.
Its only fair.
guys acrylic nails bet by Matt21
this happened to me goin to nail salon tomorrow...really straight trust me...its my girlfriend
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okay well im not a guy...but i think that its human nature for girls to wear ...
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Ranita guy who wants acrylic nails
just mess with them and soon they should come off..u could try soakin
by jennyfernau07 | Reply

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D= How much are you paying him?!
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Hey wear a dress, put on make-up, and wear a wig. They will think your a girl...
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Honestly I think those are a little dated, they were big about 5 years ago bu...
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I can't top the "waxing" suggestion, so I gave it a thumbs up ...
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A study conducted by myself several years ago indicated a women that wore acr...
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it's called a wrap. it makes your nails stronger.
by Ana !? | Reply

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just get some do it yourself nails from walmart k mart or walgreens. dont ge
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"Dont Hate!"
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whoaa mann should just ask the lady what would be best and which w...
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the local nail shop should have them. f.y.i- this question should be
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the permanent nails is too cruel! just paint em and make him go into a store
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Soak them in nail polish remover. And then file any extra nail glue of of you...
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Uh no..That's like asking him to put on a skirt... just tell him that when h
HA HA HA ! WHAT!!? you're friends and you are crazy what kind of bet is that
You gotta do the best you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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