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guys acrylic nails bet by
guys acrylic nails bet by
you lost a bet dude ... you gotta do it ... I lost a bet once and had to wear a skirt to work ... I work in a retail store a little like Wal-Mart ... we turned it into a charity drive and got customers to donate to a charity for the giggle they got seein' me in a skirt ... ended up being a whole lot of fun .... not that I plan on doing it again any time soon
guys acrylic nails bet by
Hell yeah i would make him.
Its only fair.
guys acrylic nails bet by Matt21
this happened to me goin to nail salon tomorrow...really straight trust me...its my girlfriend
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Bright pink or a pale pink would look nice. There's so many different s...
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How to know if he is the one? Does he fancy you? Stay healthy this summ
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Ranita violet dress what color nails
Love Revanna by the way! :) I think she's quite the opposite of a Mary
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Ranita get acrylic nails for a bet
the permanent nails is too cruel! just paint em and make him go into a store
by s t e p h | Reply

Ranita what color to paint nails with blue..
The same colour as your dress so everything is colour co-ordinated.
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Ranita red nails dark dress
Yes any color polish will look great
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Ranita rewards for bets for guys
It depends how locked down the network is. Goto start->run and exe
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Ranita red nails silver shoes Makeup
AWW how nice congrats! get ur nails done with some silver, rhinestones
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Ranita show me colors of prom flowers for ..
God people are doing this too much now, Sorry but i dont have the time :
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A light pink pink n yellow luck pritty toghter =] xx
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You can go, it doesn't matter if you see the tux or not.
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myabe a frnech manicure with silver and seafoam flowers, not like babyish flo...
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just like the other girl said, you only need to match your belt to your shoes for
what is it?
Uh no..That's like asking him to put on a skirt... just tell him that when h
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