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Slog about how to accessorize a plain grey dress   
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how to accessorize a plain grey dress by
how to accessorize a plain grey dress by mutang
I got this dress recently but don't know which belt goes nicer with it.. (I'm going to watch a dance performance in a concert hall and stuffs with my mates.. )

Thick belt:…
It's a lighter shade of gray behind though.

Thin belt:…

I'm wearing gray velvet shoes and black leather jacket (…

I thought the thick gray belt and velvet shoes would match but not sure if it is too much with the leather jacket.

Btw for clutch should I go with a metallic silver one or just a plain black one?

If both belt sucks, could you suggest some? And what accessories with it? (necklace, bracelets, etc.)

Pictures and links would be good, thanks!
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This dress is beautiful - Everything
The dress you made is so beautiful.
My daughter weared your dress when she attending her graduation and got many c
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