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how to accessorize royal blue dress by
how to accessorize royal blue dress by ♥Saranghae♥
don't go with blue accessories, it'll just blend it. try a contrasting color with blue like yellow or orange. and a necklace on that short dress prolly wouldnt be good, unless it was a circle choker. try big earrings, bracelets and a hair accessory, like a flower.

yeah and leave the halter straps off, it'll just look weird. it looks cute as it is!
how to accessorize royal blue dress by Mlean
Hmm.. if you want the accessories to become outstanding.. wear gold ones, with complements of white or silver or green.. yep that would do... then for the shoes, gold ones, for the blue are the best
how to accessorize royal blue dress by Elsa B
im wearing this dress to my senior prom im 5"2'. so its not that short on me. i am also adding halter type staps on the dress. what i need to know is how do i accessorize it? this is the dress but in the royal blue. thanks so much and if you find anything can you please attach the link thankss!
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Ranita accessorize blue strapless dress
oh my lanta!! that dress is amazing!! i think black shoes and bag. and
by hanzmyidol | Reply
Ranita how to accessorize royal blue/
Lily allen has got her own unique style. try looking at photo's of her
by Karina G | Reply

Ranita accessorizing cobalt blue dress
def a nice bracelet, maybe like silver or something that will catch the atten...
by SparkzMxzXZ | Reply
Ranita how to accessorize royal blue
Get A BIG necklace and Matching Earings Mabey Even A bracelet
by Destiny D da baddest chick in CC | Reply

Ranita eyeshadow royal blue dress
I think gold eyeshadow with a black eyeliner would be pretty and light pink l...
by ItalianaGirl | Reply
Ranita accessorizing a royal blue dress
Sounds pretty! I would go with some long, delicate silver earrings and maybe ...
by Kimmi | Reply

Ranita accessorizing a royal blue prom dress
silver jewlery as for the belt do not get one get jewls on it or some thing!
by iluvbitsy | Reply
Ranita accessorize blue dress
Try some cute fushia jewlrey. Or try white jewlrey and some white shoes.
by Brooke | Reply

Ranita how to accessorize a royal blue dress
i think if yu r trying to not be too done up then yu should go w/ just like e...
by Chepooka* | Reply
Ranita corsage royal blue dress
wear a royal blue tux ....for the should go where ever your goi...
by Yari love | Reply

Ranita accessorizing blue dress
I'd say wear silver or black heels. Patent leather or suede would be cut...
by | Reply
Ranita accessorising royal blue dress
Try looking at H&M online or in the store if it's local for you for ...
by Maria Elena | Reply

Ranita royal blue dress accessories
I think black jewelry would look best. Or silver.
by britt. :D | Reply
Ranita royal blue dress shrug
Hmmm. Quite graphic, informative and compelling. Btw, are you by any chance...
by d_asnightnday | Reply

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I love your dress already. The best thing that's a bright and happy color th
I dont think there is any problem with a specific color you where to a wedding as
use a thin line of dark brown eyeliner and black mascara. and put a light gold e
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