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navy and white polka dot dress shoes wear by
navy and white polka dot dress shoes wear by East 12th Street
I think navy blue shoes would be best.
navy and white polka dot dress shoes wear by Joe Cool
A whole lot depends on the occasion and the date. If you can match the navy blue - go for that. Second choice - flame red. You can tell everyone you are for America. It will give you a great conversation starter as well. Stay away from white if at all possible as it will look like prom night.
navy and white polka dot dress shoes wear by Chloe_06
Tomorrow night I am wearing a navy blue and white polka dot dress. Since it is past Labor Day, what color shoes should I wear? I have camel colored peep toe pumps...what about those?
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This dress is beautiful - Everything
The dress you made is so beautiful.
My daughter weared your dress when she attending her graduation and got many c
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