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Slog about nh4c2h3o2 acidic or basic   
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nh4c2h3o2 acidic or basic by
nh4c2h3o2 acidic or basic by Bananafish
are solutions of the following salts acidic, basic, or neutral? for those that are not neutral, write balanced equations for the reactions causing the solution to be acidic or basic

a) KCl
b) NH4C2H3O2

please explain in details!
thank you!!!
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Slogs related to nh4c2h3o2 acidic or basic
Ranita are soulutions of the following sal..
Health and freedom. The very basics for anything. And smile in the morning.
by Mitar | Reply
Ranita is the product of water and nac2h3o..
You got me...It may help.
by | Reply

Ranita NH4C2H3O2 Basic or acidic
Ions of weak acids and bases undergo hydrolysis. Ions of strong acids and ba
by Mrs | Reply
Ranita NH4C2H3O2 + Ba(OH)2
BaCl2- Barium Chloride Zn(NO3)2- Zinc Nitrate CsC2H3O2- Cae
by brooklyn.taaffe | Reply

Ranita are solutions of the following salt..
you must be in my chemistry class lol i need those answers too! ha
by hugikehdi! | Reply
Ranita ammonium acetate (NH4C2H3O2) acid o..
NH3 donates a proton when reacting with sodium. 2Na + 2NH3 ===> 2Na
by steve_geo1 | Reply

Ranita predict whether an aqueous solution..
My colleage above did nice work, but......... Hey goober, YOU need to know t
by cattbarf | Reply
Ranita nh4c2h3o2 acidic or basic or neutral
write it down on litmus paper. Sorry, couldn't resist.
by Mad Dog Laurie | Reply

Ranita nac2h3o2 why is it basic
There's nothing wrong with either of them but, the first one is the gene...
by Norrie | Reply
Ranita NH4C2H3O2
N = 1 H4 = 4 H's C2 = 2 C's H3 = 3 H's O2 = 2
by why cant i leave this blank?!1?1 | Reply

Ranita nh4c2h3o2 types
To figure it out, write its reaction and balance it.. A) Na2SO4--->2Na+SO
by zero ™ | Reply

Ranita NH4C2H3O2(s) (ammonium acetate) -> ..
to be able to write a molecular formula you need the molar mass.....
by MzShay504 | Reply
Ranita are the solutions of the following ..
1 is acidic 2 and 5 are alkaline For an acidic one, make the cati
by Gervald F | Reply

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covalent 1 calcium 2 chlorines, 6 oxygens - so 9 atoms altogether
It is due to hydrolysis. If you have a salt that was produced by reacting a stron
soluble fiber digests. insoluble passes thru. this will keep the pipes unclogged
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