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prizes for winning a bet ideas by
prizes for winning a bet ideas by gutbucket
You're going to have to give me some tongue before I give you any money.
prizes for winning a bet ideas by Neighbourhood Hero
I wouldn't pay.

My idea...set up a "Throw tomatoes at the conceited girl" booth.
prizes for winning a bet ideas by Brittany
I want to have the MOST POPULAR booth at the church fair. My idea: Charge money for the chance to get a hug and a kiss on the cheek from me. If I have the most successful booth, I win a prize. I bet I can win. And I won't even really have to try!

Your ideas for my booth???
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betting on the team with the most penalties, most injuries, or longest pass or ru
i like thes things they are so coooooooool
well it have nothing to do with the font but as for a fun technique.. instea
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