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she is taller and stronger than him by
she is taller and stronger than him by
Yeah, I think I could do about anything if it came to my kid.
I'd probably find strength I didn't know I had--I think it's just motherly instinct.
she is taller and stronger than him by
I think it's disgusting that these two "adults" who's priority is supposed to be their baby would physically attack each other, with the baby right in the middle of it. It's fortunate that the infant was not hurt or worse. They're treating the newborn as a possession and using this child to "get" at the other parent. Neither deserve to have this infant and both seem to care more about hurting the other parent than nurturing and protecting their own child.
she is taller and stronger than him by awesome mom to a handsome child
Like one of the other posters said I would never put myself in that situation.

But If it came to that then Yes I could take on a guy that size. Im 5 10 and about 200 right now (I havent lost my baby weight yet! lol) I think I could take him on, Probably kick him in the balls and punch him in the neck and kick him on the floor and get my baby and leave.
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Re: Haydarolder aunt is not only taller but also mo
i'm 17 and 5'9 i think i wont grow anymore, but she is 12 and already 5'6 and sti
No, it needs to be under the Art Bell, Coast-to-Coast, "how can you say that
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