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she likes to dress me as a woman by
she likes to dress me as a woman by Doddle
Attention-seeking sounds right. It would be rude NOT to stare if someone puts it all out for you to look at. This sort of woman has no self esteem and needs male attention in order to feel that she is worth anything. No class at all!
she likes to dress me as a woman by Aporia
Gentlemen must pretend not to notice. Sorry, it's unfair, but that's the etiquette rule. All that other stuff is irrelevant.
she likes to dress me as a woman by Steve MK
I just got back from shopping, and this young woman(maybe 25 to 30) I encountered at this large retail store had on tight black spandex and her top wasn't long enough to cover her buttocks. The leggings were so tight her butt crack was clearly showing. She had an incredible figure and an amazing butt, so I couldn't help but stare. I was like "Oh my God", and I'm sure that was the reaction of many other guys, as well as women.

She kind of looked back at me funny, as if she didn't want the attention(her face was very pretty too). She was otherwise dressed normal and didn't seem like one of those "white trash" kind of people or "ghetto" kind of people who like to flaunt everything. Is dressing like this fashionable now? Is dressing like this just an invitation for men to stare? I was very aroused to be honest, and it was weird to encounter such an amazing butt in such a place. I have no problem with women dressing any way they want, but it seems a lot of people consider this to be "trashy" or "slutty", and it cries out for attention. What kind of women dress like this anyway?
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