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taller stronger daughter by
taller stronger daughter by Zuozhi
you should be proud of your daughter. It's normal to feel the way you do right now because you are the one who has always protected her and kept her safe. may be in a way being beaten by her has taken that feeling from you. it is not true because you will always be more experienced and will always be there to protect her. You are a great father. You might see being the strongest as a Symbol for the leader, but it is just stereotypical, don't be too deep in the dump. Think of it has a good thing, hey at least you will know no one else can easily harm her in a physical way. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Be grateful for her daughter's strength and your unconditioned love for her.
taller stronger daughter by .
Well, you deserve to be proud of her, and a bit skeptical as well. If you're feeling bad about it, just workout more, but maybe let her win for the self-esteem thing ;) Although, God forbid your house gets broken into or something like that, you want to be able to protect your daughter instead of the other way around, right? (bad example) /: but you know what I mean!
Best wishes
taller stronger daughter by Brian
My 13 year old daughter has been doing swimming and gymnastics for 8 years each...building muscle the whole way. A few weeks ago, my daughter, who stands an inch taller than me, shocked me by beating me in armwrestling and then pinning me in a wrestling match. My daughter was thrilled, and I was humiliated. My initial thought was to get a gym membership, but my wife said I shouldn't and that this was a great thing for her self esteem at her age, knowing that she's the strongest one in the house - stronger than her dad. I'm still skeptical, but listening for now. Is it okay that I'm still not loving this? Advice? Input?
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all i can say is take her to court and show the judge what you just showed us...
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i guess it depends on the parent. i personally wouldn't because it is fun at
ok if your nephew was older i would tell him to fight back thats what ive always
your wife sounds like a time out mom.oh your bad you need a time see it a
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