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Slog about what color drapes goes with gold walls   
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what color drapes goes with gold walls by
what color drapes goes with gold walls by n1ghtfr3ak
deep red or purple

I'd go with purple, too much red and gold can look kinda Xmas looking :)

A deep jade green could be nice
what color drapes goes with gold walls by proud walker
Green would go very well with gold, and not so badly with black. As you say, purple would probably go well and be more eastern looking
what color drapes goes with gold walls by kT
The wallpaper i have is black and gold but it is the new like indian style one. I am so sorry i don't really know how to describe it, like the new patter that is out now. I absolutly love it and i bough it because it did have a indian feel to it. However i have my back wall and front wall covered with this then just beige painted walls which i am no so bored of, therefore my question is...
what colour could i put with black and gold to make it look nice, i was thinking deep purple but any suggestions are welcome
and also i would like it to feel like an indian princess bedroom. I will eventually get all the drapes and everything for around my bed but help with the colour of paint is very welcome now.
Thank you
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one week he is loving me spending time with me then the next he is acting like i
like a white tshirt from gap or gap body.
maybe white pumps? or if u like heels maybe a nice silver pair?
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