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what color goes with peach tile by
what color goes with peach tile by Countess
Well, I like hunter green with peach, but you've already used the sage, so I suggest royal blue. It can be a bit much to paint the whole wall a darker color and it makes the room smaller. A wallpaper with peach/blue/white would give you some interest, and you could use the main blue color for a shower curtain and/or towels.

We did a very small half-bath with cream background wallpaper with very small black and brown triangles and black rugs, toilet seat cover and hand towels. We used wood toilet seat and towel racks with a wood medicine cabinet. I turned out very well, and the colors weren't too overpowering.

Wallpaper is a good alternative to paint and bathrooms aren't too big to do it yourself. Have fun!
what color goes with peach tile by Pat
I would go with chocolate brown. It would make the bathroom nice and warm, and it's a very hip color right now. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, you could consider a deep teal (like the color on mallard ducks), a warm plum purple, or even black.

Best of luck with your project!
what color goes with peach tile by buckeye_babe95
I am tired of the peach ceramic tile (old and dated, but need to get through another 5 or so years) I looked into painting the tile but it looks like it will be a MAJOR pain and the results probably won't be great. SO, right now, the floor and part of the walls are peach. what wall space I do have (the top half of the room and ceiling) is white with white trim, the shower curtain I made and is a sage green plaid with a tiny hint of peachy salmon running through it (good contrast but getting tired of it.) I also have a sage throw rug. I am looking to totally get rid of the white walls and go with a new color scheme if I can find something that will give the room a whole new look. I can sew so I can make the shower curtain and drapes/curtains. Any good and SERIOUS ideas? I am looking for total change here! TIA!
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