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what colour curtains with magnolia walls by
what colour curtains with magnolia walls by comedycrazy
Maybe just a neutral color. Nothing too over the top.
Hope this helps. Good luck!
what colour curtains with magnolia walls by poppy_ox
I have one navy blue wall, i've decided to paint my other 3 walls (including the window wall) magnolia, as 3 navy would look too dark.
I want to have cream coloured curtains, would this look strange on magnolia walls?
any suggestions:)
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Ranita curtain colour on magnolia wall
u can trust Behr brand for paints. they hav d finest paints................fu...
by jess | Reply
Ranita magnolia walls / carpet colour
Any color but white/beige...they are so blah and way too hard to keep clean.
by kelly_XX | Reply

Ranita what colour curtains go with magnolia
could you take a picture?? I think that would help. I'm thinking dark c...
by Selena | Reply
Ranita colour wall curtain
Tan works well agains't purple. Its also a well neutral color. Or if you...
by Christo Minaverus | Reply

Ranita what colour ceiling goes with magno..
You should paint the room half pink, half blue. That would look adorable. And...
by █-█αnnαh ♥ | Reply
Ranita pink colour walls curtains
well u just gave the answer yourself.. to match the fuschia pink carpet you h...
by miss genuis | Reply

Ranita colours to match magnolia walls
colours you have are neutural and light, so i woud go with a darker colour co...
by hyndsie | Reply
I would say a soft dove grey.
by RachelAnne D | Reply

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I like that sofa! I would go with plain red curtains. Your combination sounds...
by lovely at 29 | Reply
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If you have a fire place in your lounge then paint it red and the rest of the...
by The One | Reply

Ranita what curtains with magnolia walls
Suede silver sounds very nice, or even a beautiful creamy white in suede woul...
by Kimberly | Reply
Ranita magnolia walls what colour carpet
I would go for a champagne colour, looks lovely with light coloured walls : O)
by mistyblue ♥ | Reply

Ranita curtains gold wall colour
If you want your curtains to stand out, you'll want the walls to be a di...
by | Reply
Ranita magnolia walls
That's not a bad colour scheme to work with. I think a plum colou
by The Rug House | Reply

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id go with a warm in the hall leading to cold in both living room and dining room
Cream or dark red
It's not a good idea because you will probably splash paint on the walls unl
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