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what jewelry to wear with a black and tan dress Makeup by
what jewelry to wear with a black and tan dress Makeup by hayhayhay
an inexpensive but awesome and fashion-forward store is dots, you can get an entire outfit for under 20 dollars in the clearace area, and making jewlery can save money if needed. Try curling your hair or getting hair extentions if you want.
what jewelry to wear with a black and tan dress Makeup by It'sJustme
I think you should go with light pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner, mascara, and shiny lip gloss.
For wardrobe, i would go with skinny jeans, and pretty baggy tops, or florescent tight shirts.
Hair wise, i think straight hair is awesome, but if you want something different, go with the wavy bounce look. :]
what jewelry to wear with a black and tan dress Makeup by kaitlin*is*legit
Makeup: I really think you should stay with the natural look. It shows people how you really look, letting more beauty show then covering it all up. (:

Wardrobe: Try skirts, they would look really pretty with your height. I would try to stay away from name brands on the front of your shirt. Try a vintage look, its in and it looks good on a lot of people. Lace, flowy skirts and vintage ish jewelry. Don't over accessorize. Try a necklace and earrings and thats it, or a bracelet and earrings one day. Don't over do it.

Hair: I know you want to grow out your hair, but it's healthy for your hair to get a trim every few weeks or so. You could also try changing your part, or bangs. You could try shorter side swept bangs or maybe even full bangs. You could also try layers to give your hair more volume with out completely sacrificing length.

Good Luck! (:
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This dress is beautiful - Everything
The dress you made is so beautiful.
My daughter weared your dress when she attending her graduation and got many c
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