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Slog about women losing clothes in public   
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women losing clothes in public by
women losing clothes in public by luv them horse's
I think you can dress any way you like as long as it is descent
There is no law saying you can Not ,,so I guess we will see ya in a couple of hours ,, Bad luck ,,
You might get a ticket for bing a hooker if not care full
So make sure they dress you with taste,,
women losing clothes in public by Uhlan
Here are the AZ Statutes:

It seems that you are legally screwed although you can argue that betting is illegal and against public policy. Thus, all bets are void and not legally enforceable.

If that doesn't work you can try the old medical excuse routine, e.g.:

"I am allergic to makeup. It will make my throat close up and I will die," or

"I can't wear high heels because I have poor circulation in my lower legs and they will have to amputate them if I wear anything over a pump," or

" I have a critically low sperm count so my doctor won't let me wear panties - I already asked,"


Be creative. It is probably your best shot at this point.

Edit: If you are really desperate - brazen lying is always good. Tell them you would really love to live up to your end of the bet as a man of integrity and honor, but you are on probation right now and you will go back to prison if your probation officer finds out that you have been gambling.
women losing clothes in public by Dave
to some gals in my office and this is my only chance to sneak out of it.
They want to doll me up as a chick and make me stand in the store window of their friends downtown dress shop for 2 hours.
They are even talking bras, panties, & stockings underneath the dress, and holding purses!
There must be a legal excuse to get me out of this?
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She has been "cited" for disorderly conduct . and will probably p
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HAHA i dont have a great imagination but i would say a miniksirt for sure! im...
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Dude, having a kid changes your body forever in ways you cannot even begin to...
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ha! that's funny. def. make him do it[: bra, under a frilly shirt
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I could understand the losing weight to fit into your clothes, especially if ...
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Ranita women loosing clothing in public
But are you a good person? That is what matters most. Do you want someone to...
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Because their bodies are fine.
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Ranita women losing clothes in public Law
Oh, the women's clothing fetishists just can't stay away from us.
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Ranita women losing clothes
I agree. And I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with some sort of ...
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Ranita losing clothes in public
No sorry buddy. Make sure to shave your legs lol
by CurvyCutie | Reply

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There is surprisingly little information on this. Try here:
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Ranita picture of women losing clothes
nope! nothings wrong. when vains and sh*t start popping outta your neck the
by Nade | Reply

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In uniform it's best if you are not holding his hand, though after 15 years
Yeah, "your boyfriend".....
coming from someone who's weight was 140 even when running 80 miles per week
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